SEO 2017-Online & Instructor Led To SEO Training

taught by Jigar Doriwala
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Jigar Doriwala
Jigar Doriwala
Founder of IITPT and Tenacious Techies

About the Instructor

Jigar Doriwala is a CEO of Tenacious Techies and IITPT . He started giving professional training to students and professionals after he received number of request. He runs one of the leading mobile apps , websites and Digital marketing company. The company have clients in more than 100 + Countries, More than 100,000 app download in total and 9 + products .He have developed this course as he wanted to give out to students who are just starting out.

A Messsage from him " I will be to add more modules for any doubts you have or something new which you like to learn "



Search Engine Optimization is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a webpage through a search engine by keeping a website’s listing as close to the top of the search engine’s list as possible.

This Advanced SEO course will help you develop the skills to use keywords to attract and increase potential viewers to a website.


This course of over 17 easy-to-digest lectures, and One PDF is for Exercise with links to useful resources and explains the basics of a powerful SEO campaign.

You'll begin by understanding the Unique Selling point of this Course, which defines your company’s unique position in the marketplace, is an important part of creating pricing power and a business that customers.

I'll teach you about the Types of SEO,On and OFF page Optimization,How SEO Work,Keyword Research,Link Building,Tools of SEO,Ranking Factors and How to Start Career in SEO.

You can play the demo videos which are free.The free demo videos are in chapter 1 and in chapter 2.This free videos is for you to play and understand easily.

The other chapters are able to view in weekly after you enroll course.Eg:-when you enroll the course from that date you can view the chapter 2->2.3,2.4 chapter 3,4 for one and two weeks and other next chapters for another next three and four weeks.

You can also purchase this course to learn more about SEO Training.

Course Contents

17 Videos