Freelancing Workshop

taught by Jigar Doriwala
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Jigar Doriwala
Jigar Doriwala
Founder of IITPT and Tenacious Techies

About the Instructor

Jigar Doriwala is a CEO of Tenacious Techies and IITPT . He started giving professional training to students and professionals after he received number of request. He runs one of the leading mobile apps , websites and Digital marketing company. The company have clients in more than 100 + Countries, More than 100,000 app download in total and 9 + products .He have developed this course as he wanted to give out to students who are just starting out.

A Messsage from him " I will be to add more modules for any doubts you have or something new which you like to learn "


Course Contents

19 Texts

Course Curriculum

1. What is Freelancing? (Week 1)
2. Opportunities For Freelancers (Week 1)
3. Ways to do Freelancing (Week 1)
5. Freelancing Portals (Week 2)
6. How to choose the right Portal ? (Week 2)
7. Comparing different Freelancing Websites (Week 2)
8. Building your Profile (Week 2)
9. Passing Necessary Test (Week 2)
10. Applying for Jobs (Week 3)
11. Writing proper Cover Letter (Week 3)
12. Secrets of Securing the First Job (Week 3)
13. Success Stories (Week 3)
14. Failure Stories (Week 3)
15. How much you can earn ? (Week 4)
16. Maintaining your Clients (Week 4)
17. Scaling your Venture (Week 4)
18. Time frame to get Success (Week 4)
19. Questions and Answers (Week 4)